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The Secret Garden

The story of "The Secret Garden" began during our first visit to the site, amidst heavy rain and pervasive mud. With only an old house on the property and access challenges, our initial task was to manage the impact of the rain.

During subsequent discussions with our client, his passion for gardening emerged. He expressed a desire for a beautiful garden despite the challenges posed by the rain.

Inspired by historic Persian gardens, we devised a plan to create The Secret Garden, featuring ponds and aqueducts to manage water flow and enhance the residence's front garden. Thus began our journey of design and implementation.

Three reasons we created and built The Secret Garden:

  • To create an attractive place with a peaceful atmosphere for gardening

  • To collect and distribute rainwater via ponds and aqueducts to save well water and electricity

  • To enliven and vitalize the quiet, secluded residence by attracting beautiful birds to the property.

The Secret Persian Garden
The Master Yard
The Diamond Pond
Project in the Forest
The Garden and Pergola North View


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