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a two-story single-family dwelling


- Land Area:  3,300 Square feet

- Living Area: 1,800 Square Feet 

- Total Construction Area: 2,400 Square Feet 

- Status: Finished Construction 



This villa, situated in Lavassan village, 40 miles north of Tehran, was completed during Sohl Solace's final year in Iran before moving to the U.S. The project aimed to fulfill the landowner's dream of a home on her ancestral land with a limited budget, mostly from NewSketches.

Preserving the property's prized walnut and hazelnut trees was a key goal, especially near Padeh Road, the village's entrance, to shield against traffic dust and noise. Nestled among these trees, the villa is protected from the road and western sun. Notably, the garage features a simple vertical lift door for convenience.

Despite its modest size, the villa includes all essential amenities: a yard, a pond, a veranda, a porch (called "Baharkhab" in Persian), living areas, a kitchen, a one-car garage, and storage spaces. Built by Sohl Solace and his team under financial constraints, the design blends local architecture with modern needs, earning admiration from the community.

"I spent a challenging year on this land to bring this project to life on a tight budget. When I returned to Tehran with project images, a friend asked, 'You spent a year on this?' My goal was to create a safe, cozy place without pretension, which was no small task."

—Sohl Solace


Lavassan Village, Tehran, Iran

Vertical Lift Garage Door

Villa Paudeh_03_edited.jpg
Padeh Villa_A1_edited.jpg
Villa Paudeh_04_edited.jpg
Villa Paudeh_13_edited.jpg
Villa Paudeh_12_edited.jpg
Villa Paudeh_11_edited.jpg
Padeh Villa_A4_edited.jpg
Villa Paudeh_05_edited.jpg
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