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a residential complex with a commercial and tourist center


Honorable Mention in the Architectural Competition



"The Urban Harmony" is located in the heart of Mashhad, adjacent to the mausoleum of the 8th Imam of Shia Islam. It seamlessly integrates a residential complex with a commercial and tourist center. By positioning the commercial and tourist center between the residential area and the sacred tomb, the design creates a tranquil living space shielded from the bustling mausoleum while showcasing the vibrant cultural elements to visitors.

Respecting the sacredness of the mausoleum, the surrounding architecture subtly bows, emphasizing the tomb's prominence and welcoming tourists with a sense of simplicity and reverence. The residential complex, designed around a serene central courtyard, provides a quiet retreat from city noise.

A large deck next to the tomb square offers a communal gathering space and elevated views of the mausoleum and its activities. Inspired by the historic fabric of old Mashhad, the hotel, restaurant, and mosque complex feature alleys reminiscent of the city's traditional layout.

Despite a tight four-month design period, "The Urban Harmony" was successfully presented in March 1996 and earned a prestigious award for its thoughtful and harmonious design. Sohl Solace and his dedicated team led the project.

Emam Reza.jpg

An old picture of Imam Reza's tomb.
Mashhad, Iran

The Urban Harmony_Poster_001_edited.jpg

The architectural elements next to the tomb subtly bow, emphasizing its sacred prominence.

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