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“ For many, art is a profession or a hobby, but for me, it's always been my lifeline. Among all the things I've done, art has been the toughest, yet it's the one that's kept my childhood alive. “

Sohl Solace



Sohl Solace, formerly known as Soheyll Tavakoli, began his artistic journey at the tender age of four with a six-color box of crayons. Early on, he discovered the necessity of mixing colors to overcome the limitations of his palette, a technique that has characterized his work ever since. At 19, Sohl pursued architecture, graduating at 27 while holding multiple exhibitions at prominent Tehran galleries such as Barg Gallery and Golestan Gallery.

At 36, he emigrated to the United States, where he continued painting alongside his architectural career. Between 2009 and 2013, he painted over 3,200 canvases and garments on New York City's Fifth Avenue, distributing more than 3,000 pieces to passersby and tourists. Sohl claims to have conducted some of the largest exhibitions globally during this period, as his painted clothing turned city streets into moving galleries.

In addition to these unique exhibitions, he has showcased his work at renowned galleries like ArtSpace in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Dr. Seuss Gallery in La Jolla, California, and several art exhibitions in Manhattan, NY's fine arts galleries. Sohl’s paintings are entirely imaginative, avoiding real-life subjects to enhance his vision and creativity, underscoring his belief that imagination is paramount in art and painting.

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