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a single-story home


- Land Area: 7 Acres 

- Living Area: 4,000 Square Feet 

- Total Construction Area: 4,500 Square Feet 

- Status: Permit Obtained


Birdy 44 is a unique architectural concept that harmoniously integrates with its natural surroundings. Located adjacent to a cluster of trees, the design ensures that these valuable trees remain unharmed, even though they are not visible in the pictures. This house is more than just a residence; it’s a sanctuary that respects and supports the local wildlife.

The Birdy 44 is designed with multiple independent spaces, each offering private views. This allows for both personal enjoyment and the flexibility to rent out these spaces via platforms like Airbnb during the off-season.

In our commitment to coexist with nature, the Birdy 44 is equipped with 40 bird nests strategically placed on the exterior walls. These nests provide a home for the birds, acknowledging that we are sharing their habitat by building this house. This thoughtful integration underscores our dedication to creating architecture that not only serves human needs but also contributes positively to the ecosystem. Inspired by the photograph of animals accompanying this text, our design aims to blend functionality with environmental stewardship, achieving a balance where both humans and wildlife can thrive.

Birdy House Concept.jpg
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