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a single-Family home + an ADU
POWAY, CA 2024

- Land Area: 1 Acre

- Living Area: 8,200 Square Feet 

- Total Construction Area: 10,800 Square Feet 

- Status:  Schematic Design

Echo 7, located in Poway, CA, is designed to harmonize with its environment and maximize comfort for its residents. Situated along Espola Road to the north, the house's linear design effectively blocks road noise while optimizing southern light exposure. The roof features cantilevers that act like eyebrows, blocking direct sunlight in the summer while allowing beneficial light during the winter, ensuring year-round comfort. The linear arrangement of living spaces provides residents with privacy and functionality. Additionally, the simplicity of design helps reduce construction costs, meeting our client's needs. The existing pool is seamlessly integrated into the new architecture, serving as a central feature of the property and influencing the overall design. Echo 7 embodies simplicity, functionality, and thoughtful integration with its surroundings.

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