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Terrace & Decks

Taking advantage of the residence’s secluded location, we designed the roof and the shed of the main terrace to maximize the view of the house’s natural surroundings. The terrace overlooks 50 percent of the property in total. During design and construction, we called the terrace and decks “brother and sister” because of their proximity and close relationship.

The Starry Night Deck 

This deck is a multifunctional, elevated deck located near the building’s main entrance. Visible from the main terrace, the Starry Night Deck can be used for parties, live music, or even stargazing at night.

The Starry Night Deck & The Garden
Brother & Sister Deck
The Starry Night Deck
Western Balcony
Octagon Deck
Romeo & Juliet Deck
The Man Terrace
The Driveway
The Rear Elevation
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