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Dome Room

Inspired by Rhode Island's lighthouses, we envisioned a beacon in the forest, located two miles from the Atlantic Ocean. This idea allowed us to elevate the building, creating the perfect height for a dome in the main living room (Shahneshin). We designed intricate arches inspired by the 18th-century Vakil Bathhouse of Shiraz. The structure, made up of 106 sandwiched pieces and countless sub-pieces, uses the tongue and groove technique to fit together like a puzzle. After assembly, the dome is delicately carved to reveal its beautiful details. The creation process of this wooden dome is shown in the slideshow below.


"Five O Seven" Arch Instruction 

Vakil Bath_edited.jpg
Aahak Bori_Vakil Bath Shiraz_edited.jpg

Vakil Bathhouse, Shiraz, Iran

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