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The Dome Room

The Dome Room

The biggest challenge of the Project in the Forest was to execute an old-style Persian dome atop the main building.

But I knew that a Persian dome would be key in both providing that traditional Persian touch that my client wanted in his new home and establishing an emotional and nostalgic connection between residence and resident.

So execute it we did.

The dome structure is made from 106 wooden “puzzle pieces”  with “tongue and groove” and lots of notches, making it one of the first Persian dome structures in the world made entirely out of wood … if not the first!

I adapted the dome’s geometry from the historical, 18th-century dome at Vakil bathhouse in Shiraz, Iran. This dome was designed with regard to panj o haft, shakhbozi, and kalil, ancient arches that are thousands of years old.

North Elevation.gif

"Five O Seven" Arch Instruction 



North Section and Elevation

The Ceiling
The Dome
The Main Entrance
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