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While designing and constructing the Project in the Forest, I wanted to use its unique location to its advantage and create a home that really speaks to place in order to fulfill my client’s needs.

So I took place into account as much (and as holistically) as I could.

Native Americans have lived on this land for thousands of years, so I combined indigenous architectural techniques with some of the traditional features of the architecture of northern Iran to achieve the final design.

Indigenous architectures across the world (and especially in North America) blend simple geometry with triangular shapes, and I made sure to take this simple feature into account throughout the design phase.

In addition, the overall shape of the building is reminiscent of the traditional North American placement of both large and small tents adjacent to fire and water, two of four essential universal elements.

I also tapped into Native American architecture to take full advantage of the outdoors. I placed the service and entertainment spaces around the main building to give the main building a near-360° view of its forest surroundings from its interior.

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