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The Secret Persian Garden

The Secret Persian Garden

The story of “The Secret Persian Garden” began the very first day I visited the site. It was raining heavily, and there was mud everywhere. The only thing on the property at that point was an old house, and there was no way to get inside without walking through a big mud puddle right in front of the entrance.

I already had my first challenge cut out for me: figuring out how to deal with all the rain and its effects on the property.

Sometime later, I was talking to my client about the rain issue, and he happened to bring up his passion for gardening. He told me he would love to have a nice garden on the property.

That’s when everything clicked. I knew how to solve the rain problem and give my client his dream garden.

I would design a garden based on ponds and aqueducts that would collect and circulate water across a large garden at the front of the residence.

The idea behind The Secret Persian Garden was born. I got to work on my designs.

Three reasons we created and built The Secret Persian Garden:

  1. To create an attractive place with a peaceful atmosphere for gardening

  2. To collect and distribute rainwater via ponds and aqueducts to save well water and electricity

  3. To enliven and vitalize the quiet, secluded residence by attracting beautiful birds to the property.

The Secret Persian Garden.gif



1-Main Structure
4-Pump House
5-Office Shed
6-Circular Deck
8-The Garden 






The Secret Persian Garden
The Persian Pond
The Diamond Pond
Project in the Forest
The Garden and Pergola North View
The Garden
The Garden Entrance
The Master Yard
The Upper Level
Main Terrace View
The Project South View


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