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"Bring his subject to life in an individual and original manner. Using "the energy of moments", as he likes to call his moments of inspiration before creation, Soheil employs all of his senses to create each piece. "Before I begin to create, I reach deep within for an understanding of my subject. I employ all of my available senses to gather and absorb as much detail as possible. This allows me to move from reality and enter the conversion process through the brush or the pencil."


In June of 2009, after a highly disputed presidential election in Iran, Soheyll joined several peaceful demonstrations in various U.S. cities in support of the movement which demanded freedom and democracy in Iran. At these demonstrations, Soheyll created several impromptu street paintings and murals that highlighted specific and significant events and conflicts which took place after the Iranian election. He also created numerous digital paintings and videos which have been in circulation on the Internet. After several years of working in architecture's corporate sector in both the U.S. and Iran, Soheyll started the next phase of his artistic life, he spent countless hours touring the streets of Manhattan. Inspired by an endless abundance of architectural marvels at every turn, he began to create live-drawing and painting on clothing. He has continued this means of expressing his art for more than 3 years until 2012. 

From December 01, 2011 through March 11, 2012, Soheil made an extraordinary journey to 6 countries in Africa, Asia and America. He visited 44 cities along his travels.  During these 180 days he lived with local families to gain a better understanding of the cultural intricacies that these societies had to offer. He created 36 short films, captured numerous photos, and created several paintings on clothing in some of the cities he visited. He dubbed this amazing journey "On The Red Line".

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